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Iowa Lands At #9 In The First College Football Playoff Rankings Of The Season

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I’ll take it.  I’m very happy with Iowa at #9. It’s the first set of rankings so there’s obviously still a long way to go but whatever. It’s honestly just cool to be part of the discussion for once. Like I said, I’m happy where Kirk and the Hawkeyes are. Especially given that Iowa will be favored in all 4 of their remaining games.  Take care of business and who knows what can happen. I’m even happier that Iowa is ranked higher than Stanford like they should be. Stanford has one loss.  That loss came at the hands of Northwestern who Iowa beat by 30 points in Evanston. It’s also really good for Iowa that Northwestern came in at #21 in the rankings.  If Stanford had been ranked higher than Iowa I would’ve flipped shit. Again, long way to go. By the way, I’ll fight David Pollack.  I will. He was floored that Iowa was ranked so high and was borderline disgusted. Get outta my face dude. Go Hawks.