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Kendall Jenner Will Walk In This Year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show So It's Officially Lit

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People- Looks like we’re going to see another familiar face on the runway during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The brunette beauty, who is no stranger to flaunting her figure, will bare it all in the lingerie line’s sexiest nightwear alongside other angels, including Lily Aldridge (who has been designated the task of modeling the $2 million fantasy bra!) and her gal-pal Gigi Hadid! Talk about an awesome birthday gift!  Fans recently got an inside glimpse at what it’s like going to one of these auditions when Hadid went to a casting call for the VS show. The video of her experience was posted on Twitter, showing the lingerie-clad model showing off her best catwalk strut to secure a spot in the upcoming televised event.



Let’s go!  The best television event of the year just got that much better.  Last week we found out that my crush Gigi Hadid will be walking at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and now her pal Kendall Jenner will be there too.  It’s fucking lit (I can’t stop saying this and I don’t totally know why. I tweet it. I say it in real life. I put in blog headlines. It’s super fun to say. I don’t care if I’m too old to be saying it. It’s fucking lit.). The VS fashion show is alway must-see TV. It’s basically an hour straight of the hottest chicks in the world walking around your living room in lingerie as the hottest music acts in the business perform. It’s fantastic.  And now we’re gonna have a couple of the hottest young guns in the business strutting their stuff for us. You wanna know another reason why Kendall doing this is good? It ups the star power in the crowd like 8 notches. Kanye and Kim will for sure be there now. D’Angelo Russel will be there now.  Maybe Kobe makes an appearance now and takes a few shots. Lamar Odom? Who knows! Regardless, December 8th is about to be so fucking lit.



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