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Gregg Popovich Thinks the Wizards Can Win The NBA Finals This Year


DC Sports Bog – An exuberant foreign reporter at Tuesday’s Wizards-Spurs game asked several key figures whether Washington could potentially make the NBA Finals. Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich didn’t laugh at the question. “Why not?” Popovich said. “I don’t think anybody’s that great in the league, very honestly. Golden State looks different from everybody, obviously, because of their record I guess.But still, I think anybody can beat anybody else in the top 10, 12 teams in the league. It’s anybody’s ballgame.” The same reporter asked Tony Parker for his thoughts on the Wizards. “I think they’re a very good team,” Parker said. “I think they’re legit. I think they’re gonna go far in the playoffs. They have the point guard, they have the outside shooting and they have the inside play to go far in the playoffs when it becomes more half-court and you have to make stops. I think they’ve got all the ingredients.

First of all, I love that we have to point out that it’s a foreign reporter asking these questions. Love foreign people who don’t give a fuck. Foreign people are always so giddy at pressers and will ask interesting questions, not the same boring “what did you do differently in the second half” mundane questions. And now we have Coach Popp and Tony Parker quotes about how good the Wizards are. The Wiz ran the Spurs out of the gym last night. They have now won 4 out of 5, with that one loss being an ugly, disgusting loss to the Hawks by 30 where they were outscored 33-12 in the 4th quarter. The Hawks were scary good. They contested every shot, battled hard for every board, and moved the ball extremely well on offense.

Tonight we have another Wizards vs Bulls, Wall vs Rose matchup. The good guys blew them out last Friday, and the Bulls just gave up 121 to Orlando on Monday. Should be another fun game where when the Wizards win Bulls fans will chirp that January games don’t matter, but if Chicago wins I won’t hear the end about how bad John Wall is and countless “your an idiot” Tweets.


PS: Never forget


Don’t be an idiot, support the MVP.