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Fandango's Entrance Music Is Sweeping The Nation

The music to introduce WWE’s Fandango, who competes in a ballroom-dancer gimmick, has become a worldwide sensation since Monday Night RAW this week. The song, Chachalala, has already hit number three on the Top Soundtrack Charts in America and was on the verge of cracking the UK Top 10, behind Taylor Swift’s “22”. WWE.com has noted since Monday’s show, which was broadcast on Fox 8 in Australia on Wednesday, sales on the song have increased more than 4000%.


Look, I know a lot of people don’t like wrestling, I get that. They take everything super serious and have “responsibilities’ and do “adult” things. Fine, whatever, to each their own. I’m not going to judge, and not only am I not going to judge but I’m going to be nice enough to explain to all the non-wrestling fans out there that the Fandango theme song is currently SWEEPING the nation. This is a PSA to all you non-wrestling fans so you don’t feel like an asshole when your girlfriend is cumming herself to Fandango’s music. I’m looking out for you. I don’t want you to get embarrassed, to be the guy that is late to the joke. That isn’t a good look for Stoolies. We’re ahead of the curve guys. So you listen, and you listen good. Fandango’s theme song is Scorching Lava hot, and if you don’t memorize the words (it’s just duh Dah!, duh duh duh duh duhh duh duh Dah!) then you’re going to be the guy at the party on the outside of an inside joke, and I can’t have you be that guy, because no stoolie should ever be behind on anything. Period.


Also, chicks LOVE this song, sooo…