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Ocean City Is Banning Smoking On The Beach And The Comment Section On The Facebook Page About It Is Home To The Hottest Takes On The Internet

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Delmarva Now - Smoking restrictions on Ocean City’s beach and Boardwalk will take effect May 1, and will include electronic cigarettes, according to the latest round of policy deliberations by resort officials. “We recognized from the very beginning that this is a value-based policy discussion, where Ocean City is not going to please everybody, no matter what we do. But we need to do what is best for Ocean City as a whole,” said City Manager David Recor at the Town Council’s Jan. 5 meeting. While some council members voiced their desire for an outright smoking ban, the council’s eventual decision was, at this point, to stick with the proposed plan for having designated smoking areas on the beach and Boardwalk entry platforms. It’s a compromise that caters to the estimated 17 percent of Ocean City tourists who smoke, officials said. Enforcement of smoking regulations will have to be “self-policed,” according to Recor. “Will we haul people off to jail for smoking on the Boardwalk? No, that’s not our approach,” he said. “We expect people who visit Ocean City to acknowledge and respect local rules and regulations. We don’t expect to take a heavy hand, but expect visitors to self-police themselves.” David R. Etheridge, of Hebron, says he has no problem with the restrictions. He favors the idea that smokers should have to walk back to the dune paths, away from sitting beach goers, to light up. “Most areas of OC’s beaches are packed,” he said. “Why should anyone, especially a family with small children and infants, and especially if they had set up their beach camp first, have to endure cigar or cigarette blowing in their faces all day?”


Hot take alert! People are PISSED they can’t smoke on the beach anymore. I’ll give you my honest opinion: I don’t really care about people who smoke on a crowded beach’s feelings. Getting smoke blown in your grill when you don’t want it there sucks. I don’t care that people smoke, but even people who light up when you’re walking down a sidewalk and it flies into your face can kick rocks. And the smokers- they are none too pleased and are dropping hot takes left and right on the Facebook page.

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He makes a good point. The sun can’t be trusted.


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Solid comparison by Ken, though I think he should really think about who he’s hurting if his idea passes.


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BAD ASS ALERT!!!!! How much MTN Dew does Josh Welsh drink? Trick question- all of the MTN Dew. EXCESSIVELY!!


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19 thumbs up for Bob Hughes dropping knowledge bombs on your candy asses. Fuck him for bringing go carts into this though. You leave them out of this. Also, there is a direct correlation between being an OC smoker and not knowing the difference between lose and loose.


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Freedom isn’t free Catherine.


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Mic drop.