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This Model Went Back And Edited All Her Instagram Captions To Make Them Depressing As Shit

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This is such a classic teenage girl move right here. Probably just got to college and sat in on one Intro to Psych or a Women’s Studies course. Oh you mean you’re not actually happy in every picture you’ve ever taken? You’re a model who was paid to wear some clothes once? You don’t say!


Did you really think we didn’t know that? You thought you were tricking us all? Hey Essena, we knew. We knew all along. People aren’t actually happy. We’re all miserable. If we loved life then we wouldn’t have to say “OK, on three everybody say ‘Cheeeeese’ so it looks like you’re smiling and you’re not actually a miserable fuck because life sucks and we’re all dying,” before pictures. That’s why that phrase was invented, so we know exactly when to pretend to be happy.


Fact of the matter is that you’re not breaking new ground here. Changing your IG name to “Social media isn’t real” isn’t some super edgy move. I know it’s not real, but fake happiness makes me less sad. Ever heard that if you fake smile you trick yourself into being happy? That’s what social media is, a constant fake smile to make you forget that if you look up from your phone it’s the real world and that is depressing as shit. I don’t need the reminder in my hand, than you very much. Just write some motivational quote or John Mayer lyric so I can double tap you and we all move on with our lives.