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CBS Sports Jon Heyman Is Reporting The Nats Might Hire Dusy Baker And Not Bud Black

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This…this isn’t a good twist. Bud Black was in the bag. It was over and done with. We all decided that while it wasn’t the sexiest hire, it certainly wasn’t the worst either. Dusty would have been the worst. Dusty should have never gotten an interview or a second interview to begin with.

But apparently the Lerners liked him. I don’t know what they liked more- his 20 years of managing with a grand total of 1 World Series appearance, his mismanaging of every rotation ever, or his hatred for analytics. Whatever it was, this is the worst news I’ve ever heard. Perhaps it’s a sneaky scheme- leaking this to try and get Bud Black to agree to a smaller deal? I don’t know. I guess we’ll wait and see but I swear if Baker is hired Strasburg might as well retire and we better keep Gio and Ross down in the minors until Baker inevitably retires or is fired. Let’s not waste their arms because Baker doesn’t know how to properly use his staff. Hopefully this is just a rumor, but it’s a dirty, filthy rumor and I don’t like it one bit.