JT Barrett Loses His Scholarship For One Term

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Lot of updates to this story over the past hour since Urban announced it in his press conference. All the immediate reactions saying this is basically an employer fining an employee, that when it’s all said and done this is going to come out to like a $40K hit for JT. Based on my stance on the issue and my opinion of the NCAA as a whole I’m inclined to agree, but still not sure on all the facts yet. Now people are saying it’s only for the summer term, not fall or spring tuition. And he can win it back.

Bottom line – JT Barrett is an absolute moron. That’s really the only thing you can’t debate here. Drinking and driving is always stupid. Drinking and driving when you’re the starting QB for the #1 college football team in the country is borderline braindead. There are cabs. There’s Uber. Ever heard of it? And if that’s too expensive, dude, literally anyone in Columbus will give you a ride home. Anyone will pay for your cab. A teammate can pick you up. There are infinity better choices than getting behind the wheel. It doesn’t matter how low your BAC is, there is absolutely no reason to even take the risk – if you’re going out and planning on drinking 1 sip of something containing alcohol, get a ride. A minor inconvenience is so much better to deal with than ESPN stories, suspensions and loss of scholarships.