This Fight Between An Uber Driver And A Passenger Gets Really Good When The Pepper Spray Comes Out

You can skip to 2:15 to get to the good part


Unilad – Sensing the tension, [Uber driver] Edward points the camera at his customer and sneakily hides a bottle of pepper spray under his leg.

His suspicions prove well-founded as the drunk man slaps the driver in the back of the head, punches him, and pulls his hair, only stopping to put his cap back on.

Spotting his window of opportunity, Edward then maces the guy at virtually point blank range, directly to the eyes.


I left the whole video here for context but as mentioned above, 2:15 is really where the action starts. And by action, I mean the hilarious thud as this drunk kid can’t even sit up straight on a basic U-turn:




Nothing worse than that “I’ve drank so much that my equilibrium is officially gone” thud. The last time I thudded as hard as that dude, it was outside of a bar in NYC’s Soho area on some cobble stones after playing about ten games of beer pong like a class act, straight up fell on my ass just standing outside. After a cab finally picked me up, that ride ended with me vomiting all over my new fancy boy winter coat and messenger bag and I think literally throwing money at the cabby as he yelled about cleaning fees as I meekly apologized. So two lessons there: 1) If you’re a cab driver and you see someone who can’t even sit up straight, it’s just not worth the hassle and 2) Vomit smells really do not come out of messenger bags.


But more than anything I liked the Uber driver’s little celebration at the end. I’m not saying he’s driving a car because he’s dying to get some excitement in his life, but you could tell how exhilarated he was when he fought the guy’s surprisingly meaty punches off and was so amped up he couldn’t even get his seatbelt off. And then following the guy around taunting him yelling “YEAH YOU GOT MACED!!!”, that’s hilarious. That’s a guy who’s never gotten a thrill like this in his life, probably going to start picking up aggressive drunk bros just to chase that high again.


Also #prayforthisdudesuberrating


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