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Saying Mike Shanahan "Deserves" A Contract Extension Is Lunacy


Post - Many of the Redskins’ biggest problems were on display during their collapse against the Minnesota Vikings last week. The offensive line blocked as if Robert Griffin III no longer needed protection, it seemed Pierre Garcon was the only wide receiver on the field and the defense couldn’t get off of it as Washington squandered a 13-point third-quarter lead. The 34-27 loss provided yet another reminder that the roster is in need of major repairs — and Coach Mike Shanahan needs more time to fix it. Several factors — the NFL-imposed $36 million salary cap reduction, the bill coming due on the record-setting deal to draft Griffin and Griffin’s ongoing recovery from reconstructive knee surgery — have contributed to the Redskins’ collapse (there’s no pretty way to describe 3-6) a season after they won the NFC East title. Fortunately for Washington, help should arrive in the offseason. Assuming Shanahan is brought back for the final year of his contract, he’ll determine how the money is spent. And since Shanahan’s decisions will set the Redskins’ course for years, he should receive a contract extension to complete the journey with them.

Saying he “deserves” a contract extension is absurd. One of the highest paid coaches in the league and loses games in the worst way week after week. He doesn’t deserve shit. Yes, the Shanahan-coached team last year took the Skins to the playoffs. But in most people’s eyes, it was the planets lining up and RG3 playing well above expectation and every bounce going the right way. He’s gone 6-10, 5-11, 10-6 after winning 7 in a row to end the season, and is now a miserable 3-6. They have the worst specials teams in the league. The defense takes a nap in the second half every single game, no matter what. And his son is the offensive coordinator and has zero clue how football even works. Even money says Kyle thinks the yellow line on TV for a first down is real. Not sure how that constitutes “deserving” a contract extension.

Shanny still has one year left on his contract. I wish, just once, we would stop worrying about coaches going into their final year without an extension. Make him earn the extension. Imagine that? Make the coach win games and deserve the extension. Like, how can Mike even look Dan Snyder in the eyes and say he’s earned more money and more years? Snyder should have the Denver and Minnesota games on a fucking loop in his office whenever Mike tries to talk extension. It’s lunacy to consider it.

And really, I don’t as much mind big Shanny as I do little Shanny. Worst offensive coordinator in the league. And they are a packaged deal. So if not brining back big Shanny for the sake of firing small cock Kyle, I’m all for it.