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Remember When LSU OL La'el Collins Was Projected Mid-1st Round And Nobody Drafted Him Cause His Pregnant Ex-GF Was Murdered? Yeah, Well...

Tip of the cap to Jerry Jones right here for always putting football before society. Yes, Collins was solely brought in for questioning when his pregnant ex was killed and NOTHING else, but the timing of it obviously scared off everyone around the league from taking a chance on the projected high pick. Now he’ll be a Cowboy for life bulldozing everything in sight for the next decade. Great call, everyone.

You’ve gotta be shitting me, NFL. Especially you, Chip Kelly. This team desperately needed help and depth up front heading into the season and the natural response was to draft ZERO OL. We couldn’t sacrifice a 6th or 7th rounder on this certified beast straight out of Hades? Look at who was drafted late by the Birds:

6 (191) – JaCorey Shepherd, CB, Kansas
6 (196) – Randall Evans, CB, Kansas State
7 (237) – Brian Mihalik, DE, Boston College

Shepherd was turning some heads before his knee exploded in camp, so we’ll let that slide, but those other two could have been sacrificial lambs in favor of Collins. I know it’s all about “Culture” on this squad but this guy didn’t do anything other than spend an hour at the station under the hot light. Hell, this beast could have murdered my imaginary pregnant lady and I’d still rally for him if he’s going to send multiple defenders to the moon on a single play. The giant fucker is playing NFL Blitz out there while everyone else is stuck in Techmo mode.

PS – Wait, now we have to beat out some bot author putting up viral content with no words before it becomes a reblog? It begins. Only a matter of time before the hard working blogger becomes extinct, or at least no longer go days without putting on pants.