Grandpa Matz (Moller) Will Be In The Building Tonight, Guarantees Victory


Welp lets just go ahead and put it in the books. Chris Young the second time around with the bats awake, Matz the unknown against the Royals, and Grandpa Moller in the building with his pimp ass swagger guaranteeing Ws. Get him a fur coat so he can strut his cocky self through Citi Field as he watches his grandson win the biggest game this franchise has seen in about 30 years.

If you’re gonna be at Citi tonight, I highly recommend hitting up the Budweiser bar outside the stadium for the pregame. I went last night expecting a tent and instead its the double decker bar with beers, a grill, and a DJ on the roof. Me and your girl Kacie McD posted up there for a couple hours before things started up in the stadium.

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This dude flew home from AUSTRALIA for the World Series:

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And this dude and his sexy ass girlfriend who always come to Barstool At The Ballpark came through too

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Its a good time and a good alternative to McFaddens if thats too crowded. Open to anybody in the public so if you’re at Citi swing through.