Anthony Bourdain Talks Lovingly And Passionately About In-N-Out Burger Like Only Anthony Bourdain Could


Food Beast - Athony Bourdain really loves In-N-Out. Here’s a video, shot by The Taste producers Kinetic Content, that features The Taste co-host/CNN host talking about the cultishly beloved burger chain for three minutes straight, peppered with bits of random facts: For example, a simple Instagram photo of an In-N-Out burger on his personal Instagram account nets “something like 50,000 likes in nine minutes.” Bourdain also breaks down how an In-N-Out burger achieves the perfect ratio of “maximum areas of meat surface to the papills of the tongue.” And no offense Ludo, Nigella, and crew: “One of the reasons I look forward to doing The Taste is because as soon as I arrive, I’ll hit the airport In-N-Out.” Go, watch Bourdain make love to that burger in the video above


That’s Anthony Bourdain at his finest. I thought I loved cheeseburgers, but I’ve never made sweet, sweet love to one like Bourdain just did. Taking something as simple as a cheeseburger and serenading it like a college freshman playing Wonderwall on his guitar for the girls across the hall. When he talked about the meat surface ratio to papills of his tongue I am almost positive he leaked babies in his pants. Vintage Bourdain. Could look at a brick wall and make you think it’s the Mona Lisa.

Editors note: I had the triple cheeseburger from McDonald’s last night. It’s not bad if you enjoy McDonalds cheeseburgers. It’s just like getting a really big one, which is awesome. The problem I’ve always had with McDs cheeseburgers is I’m a lettuce/tomato/onions guy, and they slather on the ketchup and the pickles and the weird diced onions. If that’s your thing, you’ll love the triple. I also had Dominos yesterday. I’m gross.