Billy Joel Sings The Anthem, Mike Piazza Throws Out First Pitch - First World Series Home Game For The Mets In 15 Years...Enjoy It


Billy Joel singing the National Anthem tonight. Mike Piazza throwing out the first pitch. The future ace of the staff on the mound. And one of only 4 or 5 games remaining in what has been an absolutely incredible season. Soak it in. Live it up. Enjoy it. Its gonna take a small miracle to climb back into it but nothing that we havent seen before in the World Series in this town, and nothing that this pitching staff isnt capable of pulling off. But before you even worry about that, take a minute to enjoy the game. The hardos and the haters will call me a loser for saying that but I dont really care. This was a season where we all hoped to maybe contend for the Wild Card and we’re now in the World Series. I’m not gonna celebrate moral victories and pat anybody on the back for losses or anything like that, but I’m just saying have fun tonight. We’re one of only 2 fan bases left that are getting to enjoy baseball. Head over to Saloon and get blacked out and enjoy Mets October baseball. If you’re at Citi Field tonight, cheer your dick off for Mike Piazza as he throws out the first pitch. Wherever you are, drink a thousand beers and enjoy the first World Series game ever at Citi and the first home game for the Mets during the Fall Classic in 15 years.

I’ll be at the game tonight and I’ll be pregaming right outside the rotunda at the main entrance. Theres gonna be a Budweiser pop up bar with burgers, beers, a special guest DJ, and a few ex-Mets. Last time I was there it was John Franco. I would bet hes there again. Fingers crossed for maybe a Benny Agbayani sighting or maybe slug some beers with Todd Pratt. The bar is open from 5pm to 8pm and should be a fucking blast as they grab everyone coming right off the subway/LIRR. The atmosphere at Citi Field tonight will be nothing short of electric. If youre gonna be at the game stop by and say whats up. We’ll all have some beers before heading in to watch Thor dominate.