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Are We Just Going To Pretend That Every Injury From Here On Forward Is Life And Death?


So by now everyone knows that Zach Greinke broke his Collarbone last night when the world’s largest meathead Carlos Quentin charged the mound. Typical baseball “brawl” where no one ever really throws a punch. Whatever. But this morning everywhere I look people are talking about how unfortunate and tragic this injury is. Is this how injuries are going to go down now? I understood the Kevin Ware shit, that happened on national television and was admittedly very gruesome. But a baseball pitcher who was dumb enough to go for a shoulder takedown of a guy who outweighs him by 60 pounds? Come on. Whether you think Quentin is an idiot or not some of the blame has to go to Greinke here. All he has to do is run away and let someone else take care of it. He’s a pitcher, no one has ever blamed a pitcher for being a pussy. Everyone understands that their specific craft can basically be over in a blink of an eye. So fuck everyone who is going around crying for Greinke, saying that this is the worst thing ever and there needs to be more accountability in the game. No there doesn’t. Greinke just needs to be smarter and his catcher needs to be faster. End of story.  Greinke has hit Quentin before, there is history, he knew the type of guy he was dealing with. For anyone to call this injury tragic is just being a overly sensitive PC bitch.