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Details Released On The Jeremiah Ratliff Incident, Told Bears Staffers He Was The Devil And Wanted Their Kids To Die

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(Source) Chicago Bears lineman Jeremiah Ratliff went berserk the day before he was cut from the team — saying, “I am the devil” and telling staffers he wanted their kids to die … this according to the police report.  According to the report, obtained by TMZ Sports, Ratliff walked into the Bears facility on October 21st claiming he needed to get his stuff and told someone, “He felt like killing everybody in the building.”

Cops say he gathered his belongings and left the property without further incident … only to return later that day.  According to the report, Ratliff told someone, “I am the devil” and “he wished staff member’s children would die.” One Bears official told police they had concern for the safety of Bears staffers — and warned cops they believed Ratliff owns multiple firearms. 




Well then, looks like one of the weirder more under the radar stories in the past couple of weeks just got weirder. One second you’re working through the bye week, getting the team prepared for the Vikings and the next you’ve got Jeremiah Ratliff telling everyone he’s the Devil and hopes everyone’s kids die. Pretty aggressive little Wednesday for our old friend, JR. Maybe take a walk around Lake Forest and cool down, breathe into a paper bag and count to 10. Basically do anything besides what happened here. Now I see why Ryan Pace cut him immediately, circle of trust is tough to repair after you tell everyone you want to kill them.




Trestman would have nominated him for Walter Payton man of the year award