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This Kid Who Dressed Up As Pablo Escobar For Halloween Must've Had The Best Costume At School





I have a well documented history of hating children and their life-ruining ways but dressing them up for Halloween has to be one of the advantages of having offspring. The sky is the limit. If I was a parent Halloween would be my Super Bowl.  Especially if you’re a cool parent and dress your kid up as Pablo Escobar. Ghost? Lame.  Princess?  Lame.  Baseball player? Lame.  Zombie? Come on, be more cliche. Guy who murdered literally thousands of people including police officers and gave the entire United States of America a hardcore drug problem? FUCKING AWESOME. I mean that. I’m all in on that Escobar costume. After plowing through the first season of Narcos in two days I’m all in on anything that has to do with Pablo Escobar. If that kid didn’t win Best Costume at his school then those teachers don’t have a sense of humor. Halloween is an opportunity for parents to show off the fact that they’re the cool parents. The rule for Halloween costumes at any age is the more people you offend the better. Back in 2006, Steve Irwin died in September of that year. When Halloween rolled around my buddy showed up to a party as him with a stingray sticking out of his chest. Best costume ever.