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Smokeshows Are Everywhere On Halloween, Especially At Union Pub In DC Where You Can Drink For Free And NO COVER To Get In

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That’s right, tomorrow is Halloween. So much better than when it’s on a random Wednesday. Weekend means one thing and one thing only- smokes out in their skimpiest clothes and cat ears. And they’ll be plenty at Union Pub in DC, where $200 bar tabs are up for grabs.

And it’s not just limited to smokes. If a bro comes correct, he could walk out with a free tab too. Do you know how many Bud Lights that is? A little mental math aka typing it into Google and that’s 66.6 beers for FREE tomorrow. Plus the free shots they’ll be giving away just for the hell of it.

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Get your asses out to Union Pub tomorrow. NO COVER, cheap beers, and a DJ keeping it going. Don’t pay $20 cover at crowded bullshit bars, that’s absurd. Get on over to Union Pub and do Halloween the right way…very drunk.

201 Massachusetts Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002, right off the Union Station Metro.