Patriots Vs Dolphins "Belichick Is Gameplanning Against A Tight End Coach" Live Blog






I basically already said everything this afternoon, but this isn’t a game that’s really in question. It’s Bill Belichick, the best to ever do it, versus a tight end coach. I love ya, Dan, but you really have no shot. It’s like me stepping to the board versus Bobby Fischer or playing MJ on the blacktop. Sure, it will be a good story to tell the grandkids one day, that I shared a battlefield with the greatest ever, but I’m gonna get smashed out there. No one in history has ever beaten Brady and Belichick on a short Thursday week and it ain’t gonna be Dan Campbell who does it for the first time.


It’s basically the same game we play every week: another game for the Patriots, it’s a “playoff game” (according to Dolphins execs) for the opponent, Pats rip their hearts out, wash, rinse, repeat.