The Witch Beat The Sassy Warlock In Court? What Freaking Planet Am I On?




BOSTON (AP)A judge granted a protective order against a warlock on Wednesday, spelling relief for the Salem witch who accused him of harassment. During testimony that at times became heated, Sforza accused Day of making incessant phone calls at night and humiliating her on Facebook, The Boston Globe reported. Day’s lawyer countered that the dispute stems from a onetime business partnership that fell apart years ago.

Before 2012, Day let Sforza perform psychic readings rent-free at one of his occult shops in Salem, he told The Associated Press in an interview after the hearing. Their relationship fell apart when Sforza revealed plans to start her own witchcraft shop nearby, Day said. The two are still business rivals.”This is a business dispute gone wrong. That’s all it was,” Day said. “They don’t want me to make snide remarks on Facebook; I won’t make snide remarks on Facebook.”

During the hearing, Sforza reportedly told the judge that she can see into her own future, saying, “That’s why I’m here today.” Sforza, 75, uses the business name Lori Bruno and says she is a psychic witch who descends from a line of Italian witches. She also leads a pagan church in Salem.


I’m so sick and tired of this witch bragging about her psychic powers. “I saw my own future and that’s why I’m here today, blah, blah, blah. Well if you can see into the future toots you should be 8 steps ahead of this Warlock at all times. You shouldn’t be running to the cops because he left a few snide facebook remarks. I mean I’d be unfuckingstobbable if I could see into the future. Biff Tannon all over again with the Sports Almanac.


PS – I’d be lying if I said I just didn’t Wikipedia what Warlock meant. I guess it’s just a male witch? Sort of disappointing, but at the same time this makes this whole incident that much more disturbing. Nothing you hate to see more than witch on witch crime.