Derek Jeter Wore Jason Giambi's Golden Thong

Let me tell you this, I did not see this one coming when I started my day. I love Derek Jeter and everything he accomplished on the field but he definitely doesn’t seem like a “boys will be boys” kind of guy who would mess with this kind of stuff. But just when you think you have all the answers on Jeter, he changes the questions. You think he’s gonna zig and boom, he zags into a thong and goes deep into the bullpen.

I’m not totally sure I believe this story if it comes from someone else, but Giambi made enough money in his career that he doesn’t need to make stuff up to sell a book or stay relevant. So this is probably true and just another case of Jeter doing whatever it takes to win.

This is a terrible move if Giambi thought he was going to get an invite to the wedding or wanted a made up title at the Players Tribune. Jeter is a private guy who may call off the wedding because it got out in the news, so who knows what he’ll do to Giambi for letting this cat out of the bag. Odds are Gerald Williams is getting a shovel and gloves together to go pay Jason a visit.

PS: “The gold thong has never not gotten a hit.” sounds like a Pat Burrell pick up line.