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North West Doing Normal Kid Stuff Like Telling The Paparazzi, "I Said No Pictures!" On Her Way To Ballet Class



Classic kid stuff right there. Putting a tutu, looking adorable, going to ballet class, oh, and telling a bunch of grown men who want to take pictures of you, “I said no pictures!” as they stick cameras right in your face. What a time to be alive.  What a job those fellas have. “Sorry, I can’t do lunch tomorrow. I have to stake out a ballet studio in Beverly Hills and take pictures of Kanye and Kim’s two-year-old. Rain check.” That’s a real conversation that probably happened. Far be it for me to judge how another person makes their living but that’s gotta feel a little scummy, right? It has to.  Like I get it. North West is super duper famous because she has super duper famous parents. People want to see pictures of her. Meaning magazines and publishers will pay BIG money for pictures of North. Where there’s money to be made people will do just about anything. That doesn’t make it any less weird to me.


I will say this, I’m pretty pumped to see what North West grows up to be like (so maybe I’m part of the problem here). My guess is she goes off the rails big time at some point. Like a child star multiplied by a trillion. It’s like a weird social experiment. I always thought Kim and Kanye being a couple was the weirdest social reality experiment going. You take arguably the most famous musician on the planet and have him marry the biggest realty show star on the planet and see what happens. But now we get to see what their offspring is like and that’s even more interesting. She’s either going to be so used to the flashing lights that it doesn’t bother her as she grows up or she’ll have a drug problem by the time she’s 9. No in-between.