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Watch As This Woman Tries To Claim A $100 Bill That Fell Out Of Her Purse...Twist: There Is No $100 Bill


I don’t understand the prank, I don’t understand their laughing, I don’t understand why people are gungho hating the big lady for trying to be $100 richer. That’s my big problem with this…why wouldn’t she promise to god that the money is hers? She’s free rolling. Worst case scenario- she’s called out on it and she still doesn’t have $100. Best case scenario, she gets $100, god ends up being real, she apologizes on her death bed for lying, and momma has a new pair of shoes in the meantime. I understand if it was a 5 dollar bill and this woman was swearing up and down and doing 3 hail marries about how it’s hers, that’s just poor and disgusting. But a hundo just happens to be laying under her seat? You have to go for it, 100 times out of 100. And bringing the good lord into it is such a boss move. Like remember the kid who would never swear to god back in the day and that’s how you knew he was lying? That wasn’t this broad. She will cut and snake and lie her way to the top. That’s a broad I can boogie with any day, and probably how she can afford those sweet, sweet sweatpants.