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Carlos Boozer Explains The Famous Shoe Polish On His Head Incident


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I think it’s officially happened, I miss Carlos Boozer. I needed a year off, a year to laugh at him trying to play Defense out in LA and not driving me insane here in Chicago but it’s happened, I miss him. As much as he drove us crazy Carlos Boozer honestly seems like a genuinely good dude. Being able to joke about putting shoe polish on your head means you’re ok in my book. Most pro athletes would be guarded and self conscious and unable to laugh at themselves, that’s not the vibe I get from C-Boo. All I needed in this interview was a “Grab Dat Jo”, “HolDat” and”Give me that shit” for old times sake. Happy to see my old friend Carlos doing well.






Prince renting Carlos Boozer’s house and changing a bunch of shit around to suit his lifestyle is such an awesome Prince move.