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Man Pulled Over Who Told The Cop He Shouldn't Be Arrested Because "everyone drives drunk' On New Years Eve Has a Good Point

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Yahoo - Authorities say a southern New Jersey man cited for drunken driving on New Year’s Eve claimed he shouldn’t be charged because it’s a time when “everyone drives drunk.” According to a police report, Daniel Pratts was stopped around midnight after an officer saw him go through a stop sign in Vineland. The Daily Journal (http://vineland.dj/1tP0pYz ) reports that Pratts performed poorly in roadside sobriety testing and was taken to police headquarters for processing. According to the police report, while there, he told another officer, “It’s New Year’s Eve, everyone drives drunk.” Pratts also was cited for refusal to take a breath test and reckless driving. A telephone number for him could not be located Wednesday.


Hate to say it, but he has a pretty strong case. I’m not condoning drinking and driving, but if everyone is drinking and driving, is anyone drinking and driving? It’s like how the definition of “fat” keeps going up, because everyone is fat. So if everyone is fat, nobody is fat, because fat becomes skinny. So while I can’t sit here and parade the idea of driving drunk, the cop probably at least let him off with a warning for dropping that Aristotle-esque logic onto his plate. And plus, we can all blame Uber for jacking up their prices on NYE. They condone drunk driving. 9x the normal amount to go 3 blocks? Might as well risk it at that point.