This Video Of A Couple Banging In An Office Filmed From Across The Street Is Hypnotic

(Warning: This is technically NSFW but you can’t see anything)


Unilad – The two lovebirds were unaware they were being filmed, and carried on with their desktop office sex at the building in Santa Fe, one of Mexico City’s major business districts, The Mirror reports.

Someone is even seen in the office above them, none the wiser.


So this is definitely going to come across weird if ever taken out of context, but I find it interesting watching other people have sex. Usually not like through binoculars while breathing heavily and muttering to myself, but something like this or the underrated comedy of the Hulk Hogan sex tape totally captures my attention. There’s nothing really awful or special he does here — though grabbing the tissues was a very gentlemanly move that shows a lady you both appreciate and respect her as she wipes millions of dead tadpoles off herself — but it’s just nice to see a normal guy banging and not being a fat-dicked hero like we always have to watch in porn. Especially a Mexican guy. Given all the sensual vibes of Latin music, all those hip wiggles and whispers, watching this guy hump away with two inches of torque max and treat the clit like a decorative fruit bowl not even acknowledging its existence was a fairly reassuring way of dispelling swarthy Latino stereotypes. I give this guy’s performance way more kudos than the chick did while finishing herself off with a Hitachi an hour later I bet.


Anyway hopefully Nacho Libre’s boss doesn’t find this video because there’s no way that’d end well. Though maybe Mexican guys have a more chill tropical vibe about cum stains on TPS reports than the prudes at Pendant Publishing (I know, obvious video, still has to be included).