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Donald Trump Says Women In The Middle East Prefer Wearing Burkas Because Then They Don't Have To Wear Makeup




This is peak Trump. This is why Trump is the best. He’s similar to Skip Bayless in that he finds a complex topic, one involving religion, cultural norms, women’s rights, and then boils it down to a single point based off a simple anecdote and it kind of sort of has a shred of truth so you sit there and say, wow that actually makes sense. I mean come on ladies, a small part of you has to agree right? All the time you take in the morning doing your hair and makeup, getting yourself ready for work, take all of that, throw a sheet over your head and call it a day. Think of how much extra sleep you can get. Think of the increased productivity at work (you don’t actually get to work and have a job in this hypothetical but you get my point). As a blogger that rarely puts on pants or showers in any sort of set schedule I have to agree with Trump/The one woman he talked to, not having to worry about your appearance every day is fucking awesome. Did Trump just fix the entire Middle East? Pretty sure he did.




I love the Trump whisper talk thing he does, always makes me laugh.








Not worth an entire blog but the Trumpkin is awesome.



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