Someone Delivered A Severed Goat's Head To Wrigley Field Today So That's Cool



(Source) A goat’s head was delivered to Wrigley Field on Wednesday addressed to Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts, a team spokesman confirmed.

No note was included, and it was turned over to Chicago police.

“We got a call at 2:30 p.m., responding to 1060 West Addison, Wrigley Field,” a Chicago Police Department spokesman said. “We’re investigating it as an intimidating package.”

The package was found at Gate K near the field, the team spokesman told the Chicago Tribune.

It’s possible the goat’s head is in reference to a “curse” placed on the team during the 1945 World Series. Restaurant owner Billy Sianis brought his goat to a game, but was asked to leave and he vowed the team would never win again.

The Cubs lost that series and have never been back. They last won a championship in 1908, the longest drought in professional sports.

The Cubs are currently locked in a tense negotiation with the city and neighborhood regarding the renovation of Wrigley Field and the desire to play more night games. A deal was hoped to have been reached by the start of the regular season but is still being negotiated.


So ummm I’m pretty sure this means we’re going to win the World Series this year? No other real explanation. Yeah our team sucks and we have no real talent outside of a handful of players but when a box is delivered with a goat’s head then it has to mean the curse is over right? It’s either that or a rich Lakeview resident with WAY too much time on their hand, a penchant for animal cruelty, and a strong dislike for the Ricketts and future renovations. I like the curse being over story more though.  Next stop World Series. Go Cubs Go!


Can’t be the only one who immediately thought of this.