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This 4 Year Old Girl Has Her 6 Pit Bulls Trained Perfectly


Any time you can start off the day with a video with an adorable child/dog video remix, you do it. That’s syllabus week blogging school stuff. And this 4 year old girl has her pitt bulls trained to a T. There was a big ol’ pile of food on the ground and they waited for her to count to 3 and give them the ok before scarfing that food up. Gotta say it is sort of an interesting tactic to just dump the food on the ground like that, I’ve never seen that happen inside of a house before. I’ve never had more than one dog at a time but everyone I know who has multiple dogs has multiple bowls, so I’m wondering if dumping the food in a big circle on the ground is the new hotness in dog feeding. Am I out of the loop when it comes to proper dog feeding technique?

And it goes without saying, the point of the video was to show pitt bulls can be well behaved, friendly dogs just like any other breed. Tons of places won’t even let you live there if you have one, or a rotty. They get terrible raps because of the Mike Vicks of the world, but if that 4 year old can train em, so can you, stop being a lazy dick.