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Derek Jeter Got Engaged Because He Knows When It's A Big Stage


Daily News- Derek Jeter’s days as a player are over in more ways than one, according to sources close to super model Hannah Davis. Jeter and Davis are finally ready to tie the knot after three years together, and if The Captain hasn’t yet set a date, that’ll be the next step.

“She already has the ring,” we’re told. “The family is very happy because they really like him.”

The notoriously private pair has been linked since 2012 and have become increasingly public about the romance since the Victoria’s Secret beauty was spotted cheering on the Yankees at Chicago’s Wrigley Field in May of last year.

Classic Derek, just knowing when the lights of the baseball world are shining the brightest to make his move. If you think this isn’t calculated, then you don’t know Jeter. The first time in 20 years a World Series happens and he had no shot at it, of course he decides to shut things down. Can’t just let the Mets have their moment so Yankee fans don’t have to deal with it.

Taking himself out of the game at only 41 is a tough move but I guess then you put as many city miles on yourself as he did, it’s time to park the car in a garage. A garage made off sweet, sweet, Victoria Secret model.

PS: He’s gotta have some open relationship agreement. All the greats do.