I Literally Can't Wait For the Breeders' Cup This Weekend


I literally got chills watching this. Chills. One of the biggest horse races of all time and your boy is gonna be there. I literally can’t wait. I fly out to Keeneland Thursday for my 2 favorite days of the year. Plus I’m in the 10K Breeders’ Cup betting challenge with my boy Elio the pizzamaker who no joke is one of the best handicappers in the country. Dude has just been sitting in the basement of Tony’s Pizza studying the PP’s nonstop.

Anyway back to the Classic. The thing that makes this such an unreal race is that if Pharaoh and Beholder both race the best race of their lives I have no idea who wins. I think maybe Beholder? But I honestly got no clue. That’s how good of a race it is. And if either of them are off their A game even a tiny bit there are a slew of horses who could win. It’s just an unreal field. The only guy missing is Shared Belief.

Now even if you’re not going to the Breeders Cup like me you can still play the Breeders’ Cup Million Dollar Finish. It’s free to play and you could win 1 million dollars. All you need to do is pick the exact order of finish. Personally I think I nailed it cold:




The rules are simple. For every spot you get correct you get corresponding points. 1st place is 100 points. 2nd is 90. 3rd is 80 etc. The most points wins. Tiebreaker is the exact finish of the race. Never been easier to make a cool million. Hopefully that’s not even a 10th of my stack by the time this race rolls along.


Click here to fill out your predicted order of finish