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Your Hot Take Of The Day: Brady Arguing With Bill O'Brien Is The Same As Greg Hardy Fighting A Special Teams Coach




I don’t know how in the world you compare that to this




but Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead managed to today. One of the more preposterous examples I’ve ever seen, and this is coming from a guy who agrees that the Hardy sideline stuff is a tad overblown, while I understand why is is. But Bill O’Brien and Brady arguing? Not even remotely comparable.


For starters, no one hits anyone. Feel like that’s a pretty big distinction. Arguments happen on every sideline, and in every office, in America. They tend to garner more attention when they feature physical contact. Not only did Hardy smash a clipboard out of coach’s hand, but he pushed a number of other players. Also, Brady and BOB were colleagues. He and O’Brien had a relationship. Hardy has no business in a special teams huddle, let alone slamming the coach’s clipboard. Finally, if that Brady v BOB clip were to be discussed as a reenactment of Hardy v Everyone then Bill O’Brien is playing the role of Greg Hardy. He’s the aggressor, he’s the one coming back for more and he’s the one that needs to be restrained by players and coaches alike. Brady is just sitting there and yelling. That’s decidedly different than smacking clipboards and pushing teammates.