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Talented Guy Playing All The Instrumental Parts on Mario Kart 64 Is A Great Video To End Your Day


I like this video. Why? Because he doesn’t show off. He gets in and out, no frills, perfect Mario Kart cover, all while being all talented n shit at instruments. I maintain that learning an instrument and learning a foreign language are the two hardest things to do on the planet. I’m so unnaturally bad at learning instruments I think that part of my brain just never woke up. Like it fell asleep right after we learned to play the recorder in 4th grade and never woke up. As for foreign languages, learning English is hard enough, thankyouverymuch.


PS: I’m a HUGE Moo Moo Farm guy.

Future wife: Hey Barstool Nate, what should be the first dance song at our wedding?

Me: Moo Moo Farm or there’s the door.