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Bride Does Full Choreographed Dance To Beyonce And Trap Queen For Her Groom

EVERY THUG NEEDS A LAAAADDDD-AYYYY!! Thats one down ass bitch right there. True Trap Queen. Real ride or die shit to put her man down in a chair in the middle of the room and perform like that. I remember on my wedding day I dont even think I talked to my wife. It was like “Lets just get this shit over with and get rid of our families. Ill see you on the plane for the honeymoon.” We hit the hotel room and rolled over to opposite sides of the bed like “See ya in the morning!”

Not Renata and her man though. They probably went home and had sex to every Ja Rule and Ashanti song ever. Only thing is this dude could probably be in the dog house for stealing the show. Some of those moves were straight up showing her up. When he was cooking pies? When he flipped that seat over? That was all eyes on me type of shit. Nobody was looking at the bride. She worked on that for like 6 months and you’re stealing camera shine bro. Its not fair. You shouldnt be in the doghouse for that. But welcome to marriage homie. Its not just cookin pies and getting fly with your baby.