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Reader Email - Apparently Some Chick Is Posting These Flyers All Over Michigan Claiming Jabrill Peppers Gave Her the Clap Twice




Reader Email

Apparently he gave some girl the clap and she printed 5,00 of these all around Mason Hall at Umich.



First of all I have no idea whether this is true or just a rumor that Urban Meyer started to make Michigan look bad.  But let’s assume it’s true for the sake of argument.  Boo hoo, boo hoo, cry me a river.  Oh a big bad Division 1 college football player gave me the Clap.   Yeah no shit he did honey!   What did you expect to happen?  You don’t hook up with the best player on Michigan’s football team and not expect to get an STD.   As long as it’s not Aids he doesn’t have to disclose that info.  (And to be honest post Magic I’m not even sure you have to disclose that.  I’m pretty sure Magic cured Aids I think?)

Anyway obviously he’s fucking everybody on campus.  Black chicks, Caucasians etc.   You didn’t really think he was monogamous did you?  Nobody could be that stupid? I mean he fucking gave you the Clap TWICE!  You ever hear that expression “Give the Clap once shame on you, give me the clap twice shame on me. ”  And the crazy part is if he knocked on your door tonight you’d probably fuck him again. That’s the trade off for being a cleat chaser and every chick knows the consequences going in.   So like I said before cry me a river.

PS – I love Jabrill’s line about needing special condoms.   Raw dog city.