If The Whip And Nae Nae Weren't Already Dead This Car Salesman's Commercial Certainly Did The Trick




I have a confession, I love when white people kill a dance move. It’s the absolute best. Remember the Bernie a few years ago? There was a summer where I think I Bernied every single weekend without fail, quite the time, I know. Well the most recent one is this Whip Nae Nae shit. I mean it was dead when Jimmer Fredette did it at a wedding back in June.






And it was really really dead when JJ Watt did it in front of a bunch of kids.




And deader than dead when Russell Wilson did it with Ciara at the Kids Choice awards and proved that he really isn’t having sex with her.






And now you have this guy hopping around in his used car lot telling people to pick out their whip so they can nae nae and I think we’ve officially done it. Good job white people, I’m proud of us. Killing dance moves and cool black things since the beginning of time and I wouldn’t have it any other way.




By the way, that commercial was fucking flames and anyone who disagrees doesn’t know what it means to be a salesman.