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Iowa State Is Ready To Make Everyone Here Sad Tonight

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Now that the Super Bowl hangover is almost gone, we can go back to focusing on what matters most. Well, at least in a tiny part of middle-America. No. 11 Iowa State (16-4) sits at second in the Big XII conference standings behind a team they already beat, the favorite to win the conference, and my least favorite team in the country, No. 8 Kansas (18-3). The teams play tonight on ESPN, and if nothing else, it will be exciting.

Tonight won’t be easy though for the Cyclones, who look to beat Kansas twice in one season for the first time since 2000-01. I want so badly to be a cocky fan going into this one, but it’s tough to do when your team is 2-4 away from Hilton Coliseum. Since beating Kansas two weeks ago, ISU is 3-1, but hasn’t looked as good as the now-privileged fan base expects, especially when included in there is a loss to Texas Tech, who is now 1-6 in league play. (You’re welcome for the court-storming win by the way.)

A couple players are starting to emerge for Iowa State, and this must continue if Final Four thoughts are still alive in Ames. Bryce Dejean-Jones has 34 points on 10-for-13 shooting in the last two games (both wins), which is borderline insane. Also rare air goes to Monté Morris, who had two turnovers against TCU. Must believe that’s about two more than he will have tonight.

The win over KU two weeks ago may have only been by five points, but watching the game there was never a doubt who the better team was. That’s what scares me. I can hate the big ass ugly bird in the middle of the court all I want, but I still respect Phog Allen Fieldhouse, which boasts maybe the second best student section in the conference.

Sure, my tone sounds like an “L” prediction is coming for the Cyclones, then I forget who is doing the game. Brent Musburger and Fran Fraschilla. No, I don’t have stats to back this up because I’m not psychotic, but doesn’t it seem like Brent is always around when Iowa State wins? He’s like the Iowa Hawkeye’s Anti-Dan Dakich.


Oh, and because I’m still laughing at it.

Perry Ellis

And because I’m trying to settle a debate on how much they look alike. If I’m the only one, I can deal.

Billy Bob Perry Ellis