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Chris Pratt Fans Are Going Nuts For This "Jurassic Parks and Recreation" Mash Up Trailer


I have to wonder if Chris Pratt is truly the new hotness or if he’s just a flash in the pan. People are going gaga over him right now. Hottest thing since James Van Der Beek. Went from being the chubby guy in Parks and Rec to having 100 abs and starring in the biggest blockbuster movies. Really one of the most incredible transformations of all time. It’d be like if tomorrow I woke up and banged out a pulitzer prize winning novel about Apartheid. Not going to happen, mostly because I’d have to understand what Apartheid meant first. Something having to do with the great hockey player Nelson Mandela.

And in case you somehow missed it a couple months ago, here’s the Jurassic World trailer.