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A Restaurant Made A Snarky Post Complaining About Vegans Then The Owner Lost His Mind When Vegans Got Mad



Buzzfeed – Back in August, Paul Stenson, the owner of The White Moose Café in Dublin, Ireland, posted a snarky Facebook post about vegan customers.

Stenson told BuzzFeed News that the woman he wrote about discovered the post last week and shared it to different Vegan Facebook groups.


Listen there are few things in the world I hate more than 1) People who complain and “rally against something” online and 2) Vegans. I had a vegetarian ex and I realized then that if a girl I’m dating isn’t eating at least something that once had a soul or an adorable animated movie about its adventures, there’s no hope for the relationship. And I also really want to respect this guy going all in on vegans like this and making a stand because they’re the softest of the softest and have been since people decided going vegan was a thing. But the guy just went on:





And on:





And then this one is where I really think I started to get who he is:




He’s a guy who simply wasn’t ready for the bright lights of the Internet. No one REALLY wants 5,000 one-star reviews on Yelp. That’s classic “I’m so tough, you can’t affect me” bullshit that people try when they just can’t handle the pressure of people thinking differently than you online. But this is what I say when people rally about “Women in sports media have it so rough, guys are jerks to them online!” And yeah, guys are awful and weird with women online. But people are also awful to this Vegan-hating fella, they’re awful to those other restaurant owners who went insane after being on Restaurant: Impossible, they’re mean to someone with a blog post about breastfeeding going viral.



One time I wrote a blog for my old site making fun of fat girls dressed up like Black Widow from the Avengers because I think it’s perfectly okay to say some people aren’t made for black leather jumpsuits. Innocent fat-shaming fun for the whole family. Within hours, I had some nerds, including ones of note apparently in the comic book industry., flocking to insult me and whatever because “Cosplay is inclusive!” That’s what happens if you express a thought online. People will find it and get angry at you for it. When it happens, the best play is to act like it doesn’t bother you so it goes away. Or to call them fat and tell them creative ways in which they should kill themselves involving a Hulk Fist. Generally the first works better. But to harp on it endlessly? Bad look all around and screams Internet insecurities.


Internet Judge Spags’s Ruling: This guy is softer than vegans so he loses, he’s sentenced to neatly dicing alfafa sprouts and playing Lilith Fair music while women discuss how “gender fluid” they are in his restaurant for a month. Case closed.