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Ovi Went As Batman For Halloween, And Yea, He Crushed It

That is so Ovi 101. Just ridiculous. In all honest he crushed the costume. It’s always good when you put your own spin on a Halloween. Ovi and his smoke fiance just Russian’d the hell out of it. He is so happy about it. It’s classic Ovi.

And let’s just all agree on one thing…if Lauren Oshie wanted you to get on all 4’s like a dog, you get on all 4’s like a dog.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 1.05.19 PM

Laich and Burra as Woody and Buzz

And of course these two wore a couple’s costume. Of course.

This team is just so great. 3-0 West Coast road trip, Kuz just won player of the week, and we’ll be eating half price pizza for the rest of our lives.