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Marathon Runner Arrested On Fraud Charges For Taking A Shortcut, Still Only Gets 2nd Place

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NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — A man was arrested and will face fraud charges for cheating his way into second place at Kenya’s Nairobi International Marathon.What do you think? Police and race officials said the man, identified as 28-year-old Julius Njogu, hid among a group of spectators before joining Sunday’s race near the finish. Njogu claimed second place in a sprint finish after breezing past another competitor in the final stretch at Nyayo National Stadium. He was in line to claim around $7,000 in prize money before being caught out and disqualified.What do you think? Officials said they became suspicious because Njogu showed no signs of fatigue and was not sweating when he had supposedly just run 42 kilometers (26 miles). They discovered that he’d run barely one kilometer after emerging from a bunch of onlookers and joining the leading group of runners just outside the stadium.What do you think? Through the final few meters, Njogu jogged easily past a weary-looking Shadrack Kiptoo to cross second. Joshua Kipkorir won the men’s race in two hours, 13 minutes and 25 seconds. Elizabeth Rumokoi won the women’s title in 2:29.32.What do you think? Television images showed Njogu arguing with race officials, and even removing his running shoes in an apparent attempt to show organizers blisters on his feet to prove he’d run the entire course.What do you think? “I followed the leading team from start to finish and I didn’t see him,” said race director Ibrahim Hussein, a former Boston and New York Marathon champion. “He will not be recognized and I’m so disappointed that one can cheat in this modern age. He didn’t finish second.



This actually makes a ton of sense if you think about it.  You might be thinking to yourself, “What an idiot.  He cheated and still only got second place?  Worst cheater of all time. How did he not get 1st place?” when in fact this movie is savvy as fuck.  It didn’t work but it’s fucking savvy if he had done it right.  Think about it this way. Back when you were in school cheating on a test, and had all the answers, did you mark a couple of the answers wrong?  Of course you did. It would be way too obvious to the teacher if you got a 100% on the test. The teacher knew I was a dumbass so me getting all of the answers right would have been a bright red flag.  So I put that 2 + 2 = 5 on a couple answers and Miss Miller never knew what hit her. I passed the test with a decent score and nobody asks questions on why Trent suddenly knew how to do math. Same goes for this marathon runner. It would’ve been super obvious had he gotten first place. He’s likely a mediocre runner so people expect bad finishes from him. The reason he got caught is cause 2nd place is a still a little to obvious.



Officials said they became suspicious because Njogu showed no signs of fatigue and was not sweating when he had supposedly just run 42 kilometers (26 miles).


Right there is where he fucked himself. If you finish 2nd place in a race people are gonna ask questions about why you’re not sweating or breathing hard at all. What he should’ve done is found out the lowest finishing place that still receives a cash prize and finished there. No one would be suspicious at all. Second place draws too many eye balls.  Think it through.


PS- Since when do Kenyan runners have to cheat in marathons?  Running marathons is like their national pass time. That’d be like a black guy getting caught with lifts in his shoes during a dunk contest.