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Jeremy Roenick vs An Alligator. Who Ya Got?


I’m pretty sure the entire world can agree that pre-retirement Jeremy Roenick was about 10000 times better than post-retirement Jeremy Roenick. JR the hockey player was a stud, JR the NHL analyst is a… well it’s just better to mute your television every time Roenick opens his mouth. However, I think if JR keeps doing more shit like this, he’ll quickly start to win me back.

Sure, the video may have been slightly less eventful than you’d want it to be but you gotta imagine that if that alligator wasn’t the biggest pussy in the world, Jeremy Roenick was just a few seconds away from getting the Chubbs treatment. I’d take watching a full half hour show of Jeremy Roenick doing shit like this than listen to just 30 seconds of him and Mike Milbury spew nonsense from their mouth holes. Just look at this face. Really makes the whole thing worth it.


That’s the face of a crazed lunatic. I mean, if we’re being honest it’s actually kinda sad. Professional athletes always have such a hard time adjusting to life after they’re done playing their sport. Wrestling alligators is something that’s reserved for either rednecks who are too stupid to fear death any way or guys like Jeremy Roenick who just need anything to get that adrenaline fix again and keep that competitive streak going. Not quite as glorious as scoring a huge overtime goal in the playoffs, but I guess JR will just take what he can get at this point.