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Sometimes You Make a Dick Joke On National Television And Then Immediately Regret It

Uproxx- The Los Angeles Kings headed into Edmonton to take on the Oilers on Sunday night, and, while it was a good night for the team (they won 3-2), it wasn’t such a great night for Kings broadcaster Bob Miller. During one of the game’s intermissions, Miller was attempting to reference a play in front of the net when he accidentally (maybe?) dropped a very cringeworthy double entendre that quickly went viral because it was equal parts hilarious and awkward.


Time and place Bob, time and place. You learn that from an early age. From the first time you make a dick joke at the dinner table, you learn that some jokes aren’t meant for a national audience. But that’s how Bob Miller gets into his position to begin with. Sometimes you just need to let the dick jokes fly. You can’t censor yourself. You can’t be scared of what the critics might say. You just have to let the 8 inches of shaft, masturbating jokes go and hope for the best. Or in Bob’s case, immediately regret it

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 10.00.50 AM

He either pooped himself at the exact same time, or had a flashback to Sally in Human Resources scolding him the last time he made a dick joke during a broadcast. He felt so good about the joke until the second he said it, where he realized it just wasn’t worth it. But it totally was, Bob. It totally was.