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Are Bald Spots The New Hotness?





Oh my!  Lookie lookie who has a delicious little bald spot.  My boy TB 12 rocking the hottest haircut in America.   Like do chicks even give you the time of day anymore if you don’t have a tiny bald spot?  I doubt it.  Listen anybody can have hair, but a nice little bald spot screams class and sophistication.  It screams I’m not some teenage punk who cums in 2 seconds.  I’ve been around the block.  I own, I don’t rent.  I’m a boss not a peasant.  I have life experience.  I’m a Michigan man.  I’m a MVP QB. I’m a bogging icon.  That’s what a tiny bald spot says to me.   It says man.  It says alpha male. It says possible beard dandruff.  Only fools don’t have bald spots and this picture of Brady proves it.