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PUT IT IN THE BOOKS! Pats Smash Jets....Kill Everybody Tour Rolls Along



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How great is it to be a Pats fan? It doesn’t matter what happens during the course of the game. It doesn’t matter if Brandon LaFell drops 100 passes. It doesn’t matter if the Jets are winning in the 4th quarter. It doesn’t matter if we have the ball 3rd and 17 and things look bleak. Nothing ever worries you as a Pats fan. The Patriots always win and the Jets always lose because the Patriots are winners and the Jets are losers. I’m a winner and KFC is a loser. The best part is KFC is now trying to act like the Pats didn’t just murder the Mets as well, but they totally did. That’s the great part about today’s win. KFC was riding so high and this will knock him back down to size. This loss will seep into every pore in his body and remind him that he’s a bum and will always be a bum. It will send him back into a tailspin of depression and despair and effect everything in his life. He can act like it won’t but it will. Royals/Pats in 6.