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BREAKING NEWS: The Redskins Have Reportedly Hired Top Talent Evaluator Scot McCloughan to Be Their New GM

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This is really big. All I’ve ever really wanted is Dan Snyder to get his grubby hands off the team and hire a real GM. Our GMs have been businessmen. Guys who don’t know how to evaluate players. Guys who can balance a checkbook but look at 40 times and vertical leaps at the combine to draft. Now we have Scot McCloughan. The guy who put together the Niners and Seahawks teams. Widely considered one of the best of the best talent evaluators in football. He didn’t work this year, but teams paid him to be an independent consultant. He knows exactly what he’s doing, and now he’s ours. We win the offseason again!

Now what does make me nervous is if Snyder just makes this move to try to shut people up, but still has no intention to get his hands off the team. I don’t want him in the draft room. I don’t want him chiming in on what free agents to sign. Snyder and his 5 foot 3 self needs to sit in his mansion and swim around in his vault of money. Let the football people do football things.

I am hesitantly very excited about this. By all accounts McCloughan is the guy this team has needed for the last 15 years. A top scout, a top evaluator, a guy who knows how to build a winning football team. PLEASE, ONE TIME REDSKINS, DON’T FUCK THIS UP.