Guy On a Reality Show Is An Amazing Knife Thrower, If By Amazing Knife Thrower You Mean He Throws Knives And Hits His Assistant In The Head


Daily Mail - A knife throwing troupe has discovered the hard way that live television may not be the best way to broadcast their act after a blundering performance on a Lithuanian reality TV show. Performing on Lithuania’s Got Talent, a studio audience, judges and viewers at home watched on in horror as a knife thrower first cut open his partner’s left hand, narrowly avoided cutting his right, then hit him in the head during the dangerous performance. The knife thrower’s assistant, who appears calm but utterly terrified, was required to stand in front of a wooden board as the knife thrower threw blades at him with varying degrees of success. It was during the second part of the act that the stunt began to go awry. The knife thrower’s assistant, dressed in a ceremonial military costume, holds playing cards to the left and right of his head while his partner attempts to pin them to the board with the knives. First, a blade is flung into the card at the perfect spot, lodging itself in the board inches above the assistant’s hand. But with wildly inconsistent accuracy, his second attempt lands inches too low – at the exact spot the card is being held by the assistant – slicing open his fingers. Ever the professional, the assistant grimaces and remains standing in place. Despite the potential for serious injury, the act continues and the knife thrower comes perilously close to repeating the blunder with his assistant’s right hand. But the closest shave comes during the show’s finale, for which a watermelon is placed inches above the assistant’s head. After the first knife lands too high and misses the fruit completely, the thrower over adjusts. The crowd gasps when his second shot hits his assistant in the head – centimeters away from lodging itself in his eye or the top of his head. The performance then ends, and while the group stand together to listen to the judges’ verdict, the knife thrower can be seen trying to inconspicuously wipe blood off the stage with his shoe.


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What the fuck man! Lithuania you don’t have any talent! None! You know who shouldn’t be on talent shows throwing knives? People who have no idea how to throw knives. Dude is up there with the yips looking like a Lithuanian Chuck Knoblauch. Can’t throw a straight knife to first base to save his life. Need to send his ass down to AA ball immediately. He almost stabbed his assistant dude right in the skull. It was bad enough he took off the guy’s pinky, but that’s a pinky. When you sign up to be the guy who gets knives thrown at him, you know you might lose a pinky. It’s whatever. But when the knife brushes your skull, that’s when you say, hey, maybe my parents were right, maybe I shouldn’t be a clownshoes and should go back to school. Gave it the ol’ college try, but maybe having knives thrown at you isn’t the career path.


As for the guy throwing the knives, well, I don’t know what to think about him. Can’t really knock his hustle, he simply failed on the grand stage. He was McNabb throwing up in the huddle.


h/t Tim