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AOL Sports Documentary: The Day Bill Belichick Coached The Jets for 24 Hours


















THAT WAS AWESOME. I think I need a poster of that napkin in my office.  Better yet this may be our future best selling tshirt of all time. Yeah I know it’s not the actual napkin but the point remains. This was literally like drinking Jets tears. And people wonder why Mike Kensil and everybody who worked for the Jets or are fans of the Jets hate the Pats so much. This is why. It’s not just that the Pats always win. Its that Belichick took their face and rubbed it in the mud and laughed while he was doing it. To know you were that close to having the greatest coach of all time only to see him go to your arch rival and torment you for decades. This is why it’s great to be us and I’d kill myself if I were them. A toast to my friend Bill Belichick! To another 20 years of Patriot joy and Jet torment! Here! Here!