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#closeFCPS Is Trending WORLDWIDE On Twitter Today Because Fairfax County Didn't Close Schools Because of 2 Inches of Snow

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Fox DC - Fairfax County Public Schools were trending on Twitter worldwide on Tuesday morning. Parents and students took to social media to express their outrage after FCPS decided to stay open despite the snow and treacherous road conditions that had many other D.C. area school systems closed. Many took to social media to voice their displeasure with the decision by the Fairfax County Public School system to stay open during the first winter storm of 2015. The storm closed or delayed schools in numerous surrounding counties. They used the hashtag #closeFCPS, and it quickly took off.


Soccer moms on Twitter got #closeFCPS trending worldwide. That’s impossible. Worldwide trends are always ridiculous Mexican things and misspelled black Twitter things that I could never in a million years decipher even with Robert Langdon’s dick. But yet, there it is, #closeFCPS because it was the only school system in the DC area not to close because 2 inches of snow. Yes, I get it, the roads weren’t plowed or what have you. But it’s two inches! Back in my day, we walked to school uphill both ways with cinderblocks in our backpacks and still got beaten by rulers if we were late to home room. (No, they would close schools the night before if there was even a chance of snow, and then we would wake up and there’d be no snow and no school while it was 65 and sunny out).

PS: What is Bony to City? Sounds sexy.