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Stephen Curry Was Just Toying With The Thunder Last Night, Is So Much Fun To Watch Play Basketball and Impossible To Dislike


Steph Curry is the man. No other way to put it. I stay up til the wee hours of the morning watching him play on the reg. He’s so good it’s sick. And it’s not just that he’s good..a lot of players are good. It’s how he plays. He’s become such a great all-around player, but is so electric at the same time. I don’t know anyone who dislikes him.

And one of my favorite little history things about him is he went 7th in the 2009 draft…and Minnesota took not 1, but 2 PGs before him. Jonny Flynn was one of them. And not even to mention Tyreke Evans was the 4th pick, making 3 PGs picked before Steph, along with good ol’ Hasheem Thabeet going 2nd overall. Oops.

But if the top Vine wasn’t enough, here’s what else Steph did last night.






And why not just bury it from the parking lot?